Saturday, June 28, 2008

Travels bring Truth

America, a land built by Capitialism and Puritan cultish ideas.
America, a modern age built by "The War" the births of the wave of babies created our modern age. 50's ideals and 50's devils still dominate our landscape. Therefore, even in an age of outrageousness involving everything a road trip demands, I journey in a vast circle around the heart of what is called "the south"

This journey has revealed a new face of America to me. The act of creation, with postmortem added heart and soul. This entire country is full of the vast epic creations of men, who declare it as a symbol and bestow on it vast reasons and cosmic significance, but it seems to just be an after-thought...a sort of delusion dreamt up after these landmarks, road stops, effigies are constructed.

An example I deliver on to you now is
this is a symbol, a metaphor, a tangible construct of the American spirit of "build it and they will come". Of this spirit....I am its Muse, I fuel the fire of this spirit in that my Navajo nomadic spirit can have a spot...a location...a set of coordinates for me to shoot at before I bounce on to my next spot, never ending. Searching, not for one thing, for for all things. I hope to see them all while also actually longing for it to never see all the strange and weird and odd effigies to these men own self-prescribed symbols and dreams.

I love this country

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