Thursday, May 12, 2016

Creating to create

I am going to rededicate myself to the art of creating. For no purpose other than putting something somewhere be it writing, postcards, gameshows, etc.

This will serve as an account of that adventure in creating.

Thursday, Thors-day. Shall be my day to write  the epic adventure of my clockwork hero R-Thor (name is work in progress) in the clockwork world of Da Vinci's inventions.

He rides atop a giant pogo stick/sledge hammer. A simple man who uncovers a clockwork world run by a mad god with a plan to destroy all things.

Sunday, February 26, 2012


Matthew Arnold
I do assure you is among the prophets of The Way/The Revolution/The spark of Heaven

read everything you can get your hands on.

This seems to be extended to much of the genius of that attributed to the Victorian age of writing. Pater also has  words that entice.

In fact a quote of his about DaVinci is inspiration enough for an entire novel.
"He seemed to them rather the sorcerer or the magician, possessed of curious secrets and a hidden knowledge, living in a world in which he alone possessed the key"

I shall continue on this "pursuit of perfection" for the Kingdom of Heaven is in all of us.

Friday, January 6, 2012

This song is a letter to me from the Universe

your magic's real so why aren't you using it
you could have the world for yourself
you don't ever have to worry about losing it
the magic inside of you is infinite

when was the last time you drew a picture
when was the last time that you touched a leaf
when was the last time you tasted raindrops
on your tongue on your big long tongue

your magic's real so why aren't you using it
you could have the world for yourself
you don't ever have to worry about losing it
the magic inside of you is infinite

when was the last time that you bought a hot dog
when was the last time you swam in a pond
when was the last time that you climbed a lampost
like a monkey with a [?] tail

when was the last time that [?]
when was the last time that you told a lie
why is there a picture of a penis on your 'fridge door?
it makes me feel awkward

your magic's real so why aren't you using it
you could have the world for yourself
you don't ever have to worry about losing it
the magic inside of you is infinite

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Fabric we live on(in)

Poe knew that the structure of the universe was important for poets

Empedocles knew it was important for philosophy

Most everyone agrees its important to science

“Through our eyes, the universe is perceiving itself. Through our ears, the universe is listening to its harmonies. We are the witnesses through which the universe becomes conscious of its glory, of its magnificence.” 
― Alan Watts

Watts knows it is important to religion (this is my religion)

Yet there are humans in our midst that want no discussion of such things.

May I never be satisfied with my view of the world, from the smallest quark to the 10th dimensional point that is the omniverse.

My adventures bring me to the cold pit of Hell to the outermost point of Paradise to the union of the Buddha mind and beyond on a daily, sometimes hourly basis. It has shown me the fractual nature of existence, both seen and unseen. It has shown me the illusion of knowing, and the power of imagination.

My adventures bring death to fear and infuse me with the power of Love which is Life and God.

Okay but really I want to remind me to remind you to remind...that I would love to discuss the fabric(loom) more often.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


-Survival of the fittest may not apply between prey and predator. At least not a monogamous relationship.

It seems evolution has many muses, and why should it not apply itself below the belt? It has the most interest there in fact.

I have always been a little disappointed by the large amount of "faith" inherent in the macro-evolutionary theories. Leaps, jumps, chosen ones, and evolutionary messiahs fill the realm of science when speaking about the short gap between this and that.

The arms race of genitals though? This is something that is clear, imaginatively beautiful, and one of the most fancinating subjects brought to light for me. I am not for gender wars of culture myths and social stereotypes, but I am for a no holds bar Y vs. X chromosomeal battle that puts dynastial feuds to shame for its dedication and patience.

Consider the dropping of the 7th veil and see how it must lead to war, not for land...but for time.

Monday, April 13, 2009

"Fate chooses your relations, you choose your friends." - Jacques Delille (1738 - 1813) French poet.

Alter ego
Trusty Trout
-Term connotes mutual knowledge, esteem, affection, and respect along with a degree of rendering services without cost in time of need or crisis

Robinson Crusoe
-A demigod, also a term meaning
in the face of danger and adversity or from a position of weakness, display courage and self sacrifice for a greater good or moral obligation

An interesting campaign on structures and ideas. A compelling war on titles and positions.
In one way a mere man or woman cannot be heroic without their rank of Demigod, half-man half-god. Yet throughout history friendship, of various degrees, have been the catalyst for the exploits of "heroes" and councils of friends have birthed Creatures of Frankenstein and journeys through Wonderland, just to give a couple of examples.

I will not hope for a victory or defeat in this particular quest, for my body is the prize, I do hope that the actual victory here is the promotion of friendship and love in at least one person that will produce a thing bigger than the individuals involved.

Consider the best example of the combination of these ideals, Fitting that the original epic adventure should find its way so beautiful onto this chronicling of epic adventures.