Wednesday, January 6, 2010


-Survival of the fittest may not apply between prey and predator. At least not a monogamous relationship.

It seems evolution has many muses, and why should it not apply itself below the belt? It has the most interest there in fact.

I have always been a little disappointed by the large amount of "faith" inherent in the macro-evolutionary theories. Leaps, jumps, chosen ones, and evolutionary messiahs fill the realm of science when speaking about the short gap between this and that.

The arms race of genitals though? This is something that is clear, imaginatively beautiful, and one of the most fancinating subjects brought to light for me. I am not for gender wars of culture myths and social stereotypes, but I am for a no holds bar Y vs. X chromosomeal battle that puts dynastial feuds to shame for its dedication and patience.

Consider the dropping of the 7th veil and see how it must lead to war, not for land...but for time.

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