Thursday, March 15, 2007

1983 for life

Time, space, sun, moon, stars, earth, motion, and speed.

All these simply names for objects and things...we place them in boxes and my adventures demand I stack these boxes into a mighty fortress. And this mighty palace I shall make my stand and demand the exact measurements of my box.

1983, year of the boar...and in the last 24 hours i have been set upon my the spirit of this year. Fate delivered onto me a copy of The Northridge Review:

Jodi Johnson

"Is that your cat?" they said, pointing
To a rag of white on the roadside.
I went over for a closer look,
Thinking--no, it can't be, it looks almost gray--
The dark hair moving as if by wind
Or breath: ants.

The dead are so changed; earth-heavy, still.
I should bury the cat. But the ground is hard;
I scratch out a shallow hole--a mouth.
I wonder whose face is under my shoe.

Instead, I tip the cat into a plastic bag.
Early the next morning, on my way to work,
I throw the white bag into a trash bin.
It crashes like a rock.

All that day I am afraid of my blood,
Crawling blue under my skin. If someone
Slit the veins, it would pour out, tiny and dark,
Waving antennae.

Just one example of this text, a published work of CSUN...this work was published in 1983.

The same Fate has given me Haiku Images: personally autographed by the author to a friend. Published 1983.

Desert's sunny skies
Breezes blowing hard
Can we hold an errant thought?

Now of course by Fate I mean a local established used treasure retail shoppe. I have only one reason to wander into such a location and his name is Roger Zelazny...Lord of Light, Emperor of Amber, Immortal, and oh so human.

This location delivered much gold and passion, but one of these objects included Unicorn Variations, includes many short stories i.e. Dismal light...prelude to the epic of Shimbo, my shadow lord. Guess when it was published?

So then I ventured to clothe myself in the used garments of others....and I discovered the a used shirt of a past adventure, please know the year of this adventure

Should i even begin to discuss then fact these objects inspired an ocean voyage on which I discovered comics inspired by the words of my Lord of Light. The year of these immortal objects? You know it.

The year of the boar is a powerful place in the light of joy and glory. I hope I will live up to this and give joy to a future boar some day.

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